Hello, and thank you for coming to my website. I have been investing and trading since I was 16. I joined a student managed portfolio during my last year of undergrad and I managed the Industrials sector with a few analysts under me. I received a bachelors in Finance, and I was extremely fortunate out of college by working as an equities analyst at a boutique investment firm for two years. I was in charge of being able to provide a comprehensive analysis of annual reports, quarterly reports, management interviews, market commentary for our core holdings, meeting with institutional investors and making strategic investment decisions based on our core 20 equity names. We also utilized a short put derivatives strategy, as well as other strategies to mitigate risk and trade around our core positions. On top of being an analyst, I had operational duties as well given the boutique structure and day-to-day operations and small employee count.  I then left to pursue an MBA in Business Analytics from Robert Morris University, PA to further my connections and build a stronger foundation. I graduated with my MBA in Business Analytics in May of 2021.

I held a Middle Markets Derivatives job at a large bank for roughly six months while I built Fiducia Investment Research LLC website and developed my business plan from July 2020 - December 2020, I left December 31st 2020 and decided to pursue Fiducia full time because I knew what I wanted to do and provide research and focus full time. I learned more than I could have asked for during my time at these jobs, but figured it was time to move on and focus on my knowledge base while building a new path and continue my learning curve up and to the right.

With my obsession for investing and trading + helping others, I slowly started to build out Fiducia Investment Research to build a confident research system for people and build a community of like-minded investors to throw ideas, build off each other, and learn & trade. Nothing I write about is advice, and should be taken as a data point. Please do your own due diligence. While I do believe for the average investor it is better to buy a few core index funds and dollar cost average over time, I enjoy reading about new businesses and analyzing the markets everyday. There is a lot of time spent analyzing and reading about the businesses I own and I have the ability to consistently read about them because for me, it is a full time job. Wealth in my view is built over the long-term and that is what Fiducia is building out. 

I run a very concentrated portfolio as you can see. I do not like to follow too many names at once, it gets distracting and as a long-term investor I am holding these businesses for years down the road unless the business fundamentals deteriorate, so reading and analyzing them on a day to day basis keeps me sane and always learning.

I want to instill a long-term growth mindset within the minds of the people that follow and read my posts, I want you to be investors and not gamblers, I want you to understand the long-term compounding mindset. I try my best to get to know my members and subscribers on a personal level. Keep in mind, everything you read should be considered a data point. Think of people, ideas, opinions, as data points to form your very own thesis on stocks. I hope I become a very valuable data point for you in everything you do, whether it is trading, investing, or life in general.