2020 Reflection

2020 was, without a doubt, the craziest year I think for myself and many others. 10s of millions of Americans lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus, and struggled to make rent payments, food, and live day by day. Our government summed up, is very incompetent when it comes to serving the American people who voted for them to be in office to represent the people. When Fiducia gets bigger, I hope to make a bigger impact in certain areas that need improvement: Education & Housing.

I left my full time job in January of this year to pursue an MBA in Business Analytics, so far I have learned a lot even though it is online. In February, we (my Fiance and myself) found out we are going to have a baby girl. The whole world changed. In July I started interviewing places, and ended up getting a Middle Market job at a larger institution, I figured this would be the perfect time to start Fiducia, and really build myself out while having some stable cash flow. Fiducia Investing Twitter account has grown to over 1,000 intellectual followers, who on a day to day basis provide insight & analysis on trends in the market, and give feedback and read the blog posts. Fiducia Investment Research website has grown to over 100 subscribers since launch on September 10th. I plan on taking Fiducia and our research full time in 2021 and I am so excited I get to wake up everyday, and write and trade and invest full time.

I do plan on charging, eventually, in 2021 for Fiducia Investing. I do not want to take anyone by surprise when the time comes. Starting in 2021, I will highlight on a weekly basis the trades I am entering in my weekly blog posts on Fridays. The difficult part about this, is that markets move fast. I plan on having a strategic approach to my trades in 2021, which include:

  • No more than 3 options trades at once

  • Having between 25-35% cash in the trading account

  • Cutting losses at -30%, unless the conviction feels right, and analysis is still in tact.

I will continue to write up research reports on our core holding names in the Growth Fund, which in 2021 I will now be referring to as the "Fiducia Fund". The holdings will include

  1. Cloudflare

  2. BlackLine

  3. Lemonade

  4. Zebra Tech

  5. Anaplan

  6. Home Depot

  7. Lam Research (adding first week of January)

I believe this will give me a well-balanced approach to 2021+, I am excited to continue writing about these names as we explore bear, bull thesis between them all. I have filed for the Fiducia Investment Research LLC, and have been working hard to make these things happen. I get DM's on Twitter from people that appreciate the transparency I provide, as well as easing the mindset of investing & trading. It is difficult to separate emotions from the market, I sometimes catch myself getting aggravated or excited sometimes, but have to bring it together and remember that this is the stock market, you either win or lose, I like to win.

Below I will list the current trades I have going on, options wise. I do not advise to follow, that is up to you and your own due diligence.

I have slightly more than 3 right now because I have some longer-dated ones I am not really "trading" so I do not include those.

  1. Apple June $120s, 2021: Paid $16.83

  2. Lam Research Feb $475s, 2021: Paid $31.04

  3. Teladoc Feb $210s, 2021: Paid $15.22

  4. Facebook July $285s, 2021: Paid $27.75

I am also long Ford, Jan 21, 2022's at $10 strike. I paid $1.32 for these. I think Ford is speculative, but 2021 could be the year of EV for them. I will trade that trend.

I am also SHORT the Jan 21, 2022 Facebook $280 puts (which means I sold to collect the premium). I received $40.69 in premium per contract, I sold 2 to raise cash.

I also have a slight hedge utilizing SQQQ, representing 6.6% of the trading portfolio. I do have a worry on the Georgia run off could create some pressure, I am mostly hedging some of my call option volatility. It is not "for profit" you could say.

I am making no changes in the Fiducia Fund, that is staying the same. Long. Term. Growth.


Part 2 of this post: Fiducia Overview

I am excited to kick off Fiducia Research in 2021. We will have interviews, we will have videos, we will have more research, trades, and much more interaction. I want my subscribers and members to feel like they know me personally. Money is a personal thing, and I want people to have that confidence in me when I am doing my research. I am NOT a financial advisor, I manage my own portfolio and I own what I talk about. Risk of loss is ALWAYS in the cards. With each post, depending on the trades that are going on, I will mention when I sell or buy a new trade *it may not be the same day, but you can certainly email and ask me if I am still in that trade or not*.

My 2020 portfolio review will be in a post the end of the first week of January, because that is when Fidelity will calculate my time-weighted returns. I will go over each individual name, and a short excerpt on the opportunity I see within each for 2021+. We are investing for the long-term at Fiducia. I will continue to emphasize that. I am still focused on the idea of the Small Cap Fund, but the time between that and the continued DD on these names and trades I may have to wait a bit longer.. or hire someone.

I feel like 95% of my job sometimes, is to create a sense of calmness in investors and traders, fear and greed are very powerful. Watching your stock picks go down 20, 30% is not fun, but remember. We are doing strong due diligence on these names, if the fundamentals are not broken, share price fluctuation can present a short term buying opportunity. I recently received a text from a subscriber, and basically was talking about the $12/month and they said that the money they have made from following the Twitter and top picks, paid for the subscription for the next 15 years. I am incredibly happy to hear that. We are just getting started.

Happy New Year,

Fiducia Investing

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