Cloudflare 1Q2021

I believe in Cloudflare and sleep very well at night knowing Matthew Prince has stakeholders best interests, I cannot say the same for other businesses. I am comfortable + I sleep. In this report I will talk about the earnings call, nibble some 10-Q data, and give my thoughts on where we could be headed. As you all know, I had shaved it from a 62% position to roughly 40% given valuation and I had a feeling growth would sell off. After doing this for years as an analyst, you start to develop a sense for markets, patterns, news flow, and I would not considering it market timing, I just listen to ebbs and flows of the market using my indicators. Not luck, just strategy. I have the time, resources, and experience to take my time and think about my strategy. I think my returns and honesty have proved that over time.

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