Cloudflare Fourth Quarter 2020

Updated: Feb 25

My single largest holding as a percent of my portfolio, I thought the quarterly results were great (a lot was priced in), but the guidance was "fine". Look, the stock is up 20% YTD and roughly was up 40% in Q4. A lot was obviously priced in and I would fully expect a multiple contraction at somepoint. Am I selling? Absolutely not, I cannot time the markets. Buying? Not really, but I think the next few weeks long-term oriented investors could initiate a slow position and dollar cost average over time because I still am a huge believer in the company, Matthew Prince & Michelle Zatlyn. I want to start off with guidance, as my largest holding I want to go over the guide which I thought was sort of sandbagged right off the bat given how they usually beat by 5-6% each Q.

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