Updated: Feb 25

This word needs to be used more often, it is a dangerous term in the investment world in my opinion. As an analyst we are always reading and digesting news flow on a daily basis whether it is on our stock picks, political commentary, economic commentary, other investors Tweets and analysis, etc. We have to remain level-headed and never become complacent. The second we become complacent and have no "worry", the market will slap you in the face and catch you off guard. Utilizing central bank buying as your core bull thesis is complacency in my view, acting as if nothing else could possibly go wrong in the market (such as an increase in trade war tensions, because from what I have read Biden wont be too much easier on China). Earnings are coming in better than expected, as we discussed in December this was a potential bull catalysts for continued upside in equity markets in 2021. You can view the Factset earnings insight report here.

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