Light Fridays Reads

Just did some light reading today. There is a common theme amongst investors and traders that I am seeing. From my experience, a company can be firing on all cylinders and go down 70%. When a stock goes down on a report, my first thought is "ah guidance", so I usually take a look at guidance, then I check to see if they beat current quarter on each metric. No, a miss does not make me sell the name. But a fundamental shift in the business (like I saw with FSLY, and their poor management skills) that is a sell indicator for me. I do not own that company, but from the moment they pre-announced that news, management got put into the penalty box for a while per my investment strategy. I will stick with CloudFlare, I believe their management to be superior in many ways based on what I have seen and read. I weigh my strategy pretty highly on management, if I had to put a percentage on it, it would probably be 45%. I am not sure why I did not short it, technicals were ugly and it was there. Maybe it was the fact that in the back of my head, that stock is a MOMO stock and one turn on a day could go up 20%. I continue to stay fully invested into NET, BL, LMND, ZBRA. I think this is a well-balance approach headed into an election and the next 5 years given each industry and their prospects. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be changing poopy diapers.

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