Long-Term Mindset

Two posts in 2 days? It's your lucky day because my brain is on thought mode and there is no stopping it when I start reading my morning articles. Let's take a step back and start from step 1. Building wealth takes time, and patience. It does not happen overnight and these quick momentum gains we are seeing in the market are astronomical, there are a lot of people that are up over 100, 200, 300% this year. Want to know what else is up? The Federal Reserves balance sheet and asset buying program, coupled with the pulled forward demand in Work From Home technology, we have had a blessed year with strong gains and momentum. With rates staying low for at minimum until 2023, I would say that we see further upsides in the indexes, especially tech (and economic recovery stocks), but the portfolio positioning is everything. This is why I own what I own, based on valuation and end markets. If I cannot explain to a 5 year old why I own what I own, I have failed. Here we go:

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