New Life

I just had my first baby, she is a baby girl. Over the last 9 months it was weird, I was prepared, but it did not feel real yet. Then as soon as I laid eyes on her everything sunk in and you are the care taker for an infant, a human being that 100% depends on you to survive. I am not sure if a switch went off in my brain or what, but I am feeling new and ready to go and to bring her the best life as possible. Now lets wrap this into investing, you are the care taker of your portfolio. Only you can make decisions based on your risk tolerance. I love to bring new ideas to the table, my top picks moving forward are Cloudflare, BlackLine, Zebra Technologies, and speculative investment play on Lemonade (LMND).

Each company is disruptive in their own individual way, I consider this a very diverse portfolio if I am being honest. I spent my remaining cash I raised from my SFIX gain and spread it between LMND and BL, I am very confident in these names over the next 5 years. I have to smile a little bit as I monitor twitter trends of the emotions. I for one, am not basing a single investment off stimulus. Stimulus deal is irrelevant to my process, and each name I own. If my names want to go down on that, so be it, fine with me. I am not in the business of timing markets, I am in the business of finding the next big company to outperform.

I am starting to wonder the ramifications of all the new "March 2020" investors into the future, it seems a lot are only used to stocks going up on massive amounts of stimulus. While I agree we are in a new bull market, I think returns have gotten pulled forward somewhat this year. I think a more diverse portfolio now is acceptable (in equities obviously), I am slowly expanding with owning 4 names now, I will go to 5 max per my discipline. I am slowly shying away from options trading and sticking to my discipline.

Ignore the noise.

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