Portfolio Allocation Update

These are the names and weights I own in the Growth Fund headed into 2021 along with the current portfolio performance ending as of 10/31/2020.

Here is the performance, annualized since inception. Some names I have owned over the years in this portfolio are Apple, Home Depot, Veeva Systems, Square, Livongo Health, Draftkings, and many more. Since April 2014, I have kept track of this specific account in terms of performance. This is my Roth IRA so I have no tax liabilities by the end of each year, growing this as rapidly as possible is the goal to $1m. Something I do not see is people annualizing their returns past 1 year, with over 6 years worth of data, it gives more credibility. I like to think the Nasdaq is more of a benchmark for me, not the others listed below. I am very heavy technology.

The current portfolio weighting listed below, as I add fresh cash in 2021 the allocation % may change but this is what I have so far.

Active investing is not for everyone, and I certainly do not recommend it for everyone. Majority of investors should allocate towards index funds and Dollar Cost Average over the years, unless you have ample time to analyze individual companies like some of us, it is very hard to beat the indexes in the longer term (not advice). I am also not a believer in paying for advisors, waste of money unless you have specific goals for estate and tax planning, for the most part I believe most people should manage their own money through passive index investing. That is just me though. Until I start to underperform I plan on continuing to invest in strong companies for the long-term, judge me on my 5+ year performance, not 1 year. I could own a stock that stays flat and underperforms short-term, and then later down the road goes up 300% and boosts the CAGR of the portfolio. Honestly, I do not trust anyone who cant show me 5 years of returns. There are a lot of new investors this year up hundreds of percent, not normal market conditions with the Fed balance sheet north of $7 trillion. https://www.federalreserve.gov/monetarypolicy/bst_recenttrends.htm

Through my Sunday reading, linked here: https://twitter.com/fiducia_invest/status/1327997462792056838?s=20 I am increasingly becoming bullish in certain areas, and those areas I believe can be captured through the stocks I own.

Let us continue to build this community of investing to build wealth. These are my thoughts and opinions and you should not base your investments off of them.

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