Rambling Post #2

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I will admit, I felt a sense of euphoria this morning seeing my trading account and retirement account smack all time highs and more. Call option swing trades are on fire and I feel giddy inside, the weird part is that I never feel like this. I never have my emotions in the market, I quickly grounded myself and went back to reality and closed my Home Depot swing trade to raise some cash not because I am bearish, but because squeezing out a few more dollars in those calls expiring in March does not seem worth it to me. I still have the Apple Calls open because those are for June, and Cloudflare are for January 2022 and I can withstand massive volatility with those.

GameStop, what a phenomenon. No I do not think this has to do with the Fed (all of it), I am sort of tired of the CB policy and QE being the only reason stocks are going up. They have been doing that stuff forever. I actually think this is just becoming the main stream bear thesis and not very contrarian. Fiducia lost money on Facebook calls back in December, that stock is not going straight up. I have never seen so many short squeezes happen at once on stocks that I know and follow, this is pretty amazing to watch. There are some amazing breakouts and set ups happening right now, play your cards right and you will be profitable. It is unfortunate that the time spent finding these set ups that I do, and analyzing them sort of gets pushed aside when you can buy a random SPAC and make 200%. In the end, I think we will win as people will get burned by those kinds of trades.

I think we are set up for a nice next 3 years. I think Biden Admin has eased uncertainty which is good for markets in my opinion. I am a believer you should always be invested in good businesses over time and continue to dollar costs average into them, that is what the Fiducia Fund is here for. I focus on my trading account daily because that is my income, I must remain strategic and I will be posting my 3-Month-Strategy within the next few weeks, may or may not be free. I continue to see a lot of anecdotal top-forming evidence, but for some reason it feels different. BlackLine and Anaplan have barely done anything for over a month and same with Cloudflare, so that account is not feeling too top-like. June ATM puts sound pretty appetizing right now if I say so myself. , I may layer in some June QQQs puts at $320 strike.

I will be very busy the next 3-4 weeks I will be dropping numerous reports on names, including our own names. I think anyone could be accumulating PLAN and BL here if they have a time horizon of over, I have actually added even more Anaplan today for long-term account and still have some cash. I will update my portfolio at the end of every month.

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