Short-term Outlook

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Did I sell my NET, BL, ZBRA, LMND today in the Growth Fund? Absolutely not. I did not add either. Mostly cause I do not have much cash left to spend. What we are witnessing is simply a sector rotation, we get good vaccine data, and all of a sudden investors (who I think are traders) liquidate and move into what they think will benefit next (Industrials, Cyclicals, and companies that are basically bankrupt.........). I agree and disagree, if you are a trader sure, I get it, there is money to be made in every nook of the market. I prefer investing, I can gut my volatility and add when I think it is necessary. I have a trading account that I have fun in, but I dont like to post about that one because I want people to be investors, not traders. Short-term the Nasdaq looks like it may bleed slowly, my view is we end up rallying end of November into December the more information we get on the administration switch, Georgia run-offs (market is pricing Gridlock I believe, so we want the republicans to control the Senate, Democrats house, and Democratic President). I don't care about your politics, I am here to make money, and I will do it under whoever serves as President.

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