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Fiducia Investment Research LLC (Fiducia Investing) was incepted in June of 2020 and became a legal entity (LLC) in Pennsylvania as of December 2020. My goal is to build a confident research website for people who are interested in learning about different businesses, read market commentary, as well as develop a place to interact with other investors who are willing to put in the time to read and learn. I wanted to create an affordable research website for people to reference with questions, ideas, and talk shop on long-term ideas coupled with trading ideas with not only me, but the other members.

I look for opportunities with little downside, where the risk and reward lies in my favor to the upside. I normally take larger position sizes with an outlook of three years on that business. Sometimes the business hits a valuation target I am not comfortable holding, and I will sell and allocate to better R/R that I see fit.

"My name is Christopher Barto and I was a former equity research analyst at a boutique firm in Pittsburgh that managed $300m+ in AUM, I worked there for two years out of college and I learned more than I could have anywhere else. It was just my PM and myself, so I had the ability to learn one on one 24/7 and digest what/how capital markets worked professionally, actively trading around core positions, using derivatives to manage risk (I use them personally to swing trade), etc. I was able to meet incredible investors over the years who are far smarter than myself, and have far more experience as well. I continue to learn and bring the right side of my learning curve even higher. I spent my days reading earnings calls, SEC filings, managing positions and speaking with institutions on market outlooks, and studying 20-25 names in depth (which is why I have the current strategy of 10> now)."

I have been investing and trading in public markets for 8 years. I focus very heavily on few names, but provide consistent thoughts and research on those core names. I believe in really knowing what you own, and providing consistent research on what you own.

I also post current market updates, where I think we are headed, and broader market news to provide data points for investors.

Fiducia plans on continuing to build research, investment ideas, and trade ideas.

I am an independent thinker who utilizes every single resource at hand, I have connections in numerous places ranging from experienced industry investment professionals to experienced industry people in warehouse automation, software engineering, BioTech, security, etc. We do not invest in speculative businesses, we invest in high quality businesses with strong tailwinds in their respective industries. We look five, ten, fifteen years out as we all grow together.



Time-Weighted Returns Ending April, 2022 for the long-term investment portfolio, data since 2014.


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