What is Fiducia Investment Research?

Updated: Jun 2

Fiducia Investment Research LLC (Fiducia Investing) was incepted in June of 2020 and became a legal entity (LLC) in Pennsylvania as of December 2020. My goal is to build a confident research website for people who are interested in learning about different businesses, read market commentary, as well as develop a place to interact with other investors who are willing to put in the time to read and learn. I wanted to create an affordable research website for people to reference with questions, ideas, and talk shop on long-term ideas coupled with trading ideas. Eventually, Fiducia would like to hire another writer / analyst to add value and bring more subscribers to the website.

"My name is Christopher Barto and I was a former equity research analyst at a boutique firm in Pittsburgh that managed around $300m+ in AUM, I worked there for two years out of college and I learned more than I could have anywhere else. It was just my PM and myself, so I had the ability to learn one on one 24/7 and digest what/how capital markets worked professionally, actively trading around core positions, using derivatives to manage risk (I use them personally to swing trade), etc. I was able to meet incredible people over the years who are far smarter than myself, and have far more experience as well. I continue to learn and bring the right side of my learning curve even higher. I spent my days reading earnings calls, SEC filings, managing positions and speaking with institutions on market outlooks, and studying 20-25 names in depth (which is why I have the current strategy of 10> now)."

My goal is simply pure transparency on my long-term portfolio, I post my Time-Weighted Returns on my Twitter page linked here. For paying members, I post my options trades with a screenshot of my Fidelity account with all the details of the trade and why I am in that specific trade, along with the rest of my active account holdings. We are currently 35 members strong!

I have been investing and trading in public markets for 8 years. I focus very heavily on few names, but provide consistent thoughts and research on those core names. I believe in really knowing what you own, and providing consistent research on what you own.

I also post current market updates, where I think we are headed, and broader market news to provide data points for investors. I utilize data from J.P. Morgan's Guide to the Markets, as well as data from Koyfin, quickFS, Docoh, etc. Fiducia will potentially be in the process of another type of professional subscription such as Factset in a year or two. As the website builds out, I would love to bring another analyst, investor, and trader on board to help write and dissect information with me.

Fiducia plans on continuing to build research, investment ideas, and trade ideas. My current long-term Roth IRA portfolio consists of these names below:

  • Cloudflare

  • Mitek Systems

  • Blackline

  • SharpSpring

  • Iteris, Inc

I do not like spreading myself too thin so I try not to take on too many names until I have another analyst working for me.

Not only am I a long-term investor, I am also a trader. I currently trade and invest for a living. My personal swing trades are methodically thought out using my own screener and process I have developed over the years. I trade options given my experience with them, but I also swing trade the stock here and there as well.

I am an independent thinker who utilizes every single resource at hand, I have connections in numerous places ranging from experienced industry investment professionals to experienced industry people in warehouse automation, software engineering, BioTech, security, etc. We do not invest in speculative businesses, we invest in high quality businesses with strong tailwinds in their respective industries. We look five, ten, fifteen years out as we all grow together.

I give a 3-day trial: why so short? I do not want people having access to the full trade list and have it for free, we feel 3-days is sufficient to read on the names, judge my research, my returns, and grow over the years. I am very open and active and always welcome emails, Twitter DM's or conversation. This is not a one month type of deal, my trades can last a few months. Time is on our side as with anything. Patience pays.


Time-Weighted Returns Ending May 31, 2021 for the long-term investment portfolio.

Time-Weighted Returns Ending May 31, 2021 for the active trading portfolio, I moved this from TD Ameritrade to Fidelity in June of 2020 so the data is only since June 2020.

Options Strategy:

My strategy is very simple. After earlier years of losing money trading options, I studied what I was doing wrong. The obvious one is timeframe, utilizing this, I now go out 2.5+ months on a "swing trade". I will not just trade any random name. The technical + fundamental set up must be there as well. If not, to me it is way too much speculative betting on price movement. I was always going for 100% gainers, this should NOT be the mindset when heading into a nice swing trade. For me, I am satisfied with 35-40% gain unless it happens to be a trade where it was a very quick 60%+ gain. I will be providing more quality rather than quantity. We must let the opportunities come to us.

Do not get emotionally attached to your trades, that is all it is: A TRADE. They come and go like the wind, we can always regroup and find a new set up that looks enticing. There is always money to be made.

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