Time in the Markets, Beats Timing the Markets

8 years. That is how long I have currently been watching, analyzing, trading, investing and reading the markets. There is a lot of chit chat I am seeing on things that just simply are not true. There has been a rapid influx of investors and traders alike since 2020, and what I have been seeing is the chatter around GameStop and AMC and low-grade businesses like that (in my opinion). People have blown up my phone about this matter, so I will just write a simple post on what I think.

Someone will get caught holding the bag, do not think investing or trading is easy money. There are stocks that actually do what they did all the time.. you just do not hear about it because "reddit" did not bring it up. I hate to break it to you, but you and your $5k account are not in control of where a lot of these stocks go. Hell, I am not even control. We can only control what we analyze & research, and invest for the long-term. I will no longer be talking about GME or AMC or any of those types of businesses. Fiducia is focused on providing quality research on long-term investments, and swing trades for profitability with 3-Month timeframes while mitigating risk. I post majority of my swing trades to the Forum Page linked here:https://www.fiduciainvesting.com/forum/business-forum/2021-options-trades

Remember, Fiducia will be $15/month starting in March. We have absolutely crushed it with the trades this year and we are only getting stronger as we build out our resource base, contacts, and I hope to bring someone else on board within the next 1.5 years to cover more names and think different.

Fiducia has been heavily adding to current call option positions on this slight pullback from highs, I do believe every opportunity this year is going to be a 'buy the dip' type opportunity. I have been heavily adding to Anaplan calls, Apple calls, Cloudflare calls, and I added BlackLine calls. I condensed my 7 stock portfolio for the LT into my top 4 conviction businesses for the next 5 years.

I think what I might do, is for paying members, start a group chat through the Wix app that I will ONLY message when I open and close a trade rather than the forum. It is an annoying process opening the trade for myself, writing it to the forum, and then posting the forum. I will know who is paid and who is not so that is how I would build the trading chat. I highly suggest downloading the app for your phone.

Despite some "euphoria" in certain pockets of the market, I am very bullish as earnings are coming in better than expected in large cap tech. Which is why I am long those Apple, June $120s. Target roughly $165-170 after that fantastic report.

Please utilize the forum to discuss stock picks, markets, and anything else you find interesting.

Fiducia B

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