I am a man of transparency. I believe in being held accountable for the investments I make, and the risks I take with my capital. As many of you know, I have been investing in my Growth Fund since May 2014. To take it a step further, and post my returns, I will post my total allocation in terms of dollar value. While I do not care how much one manages, I have met brilliant investors with $100,000 and I have met incompetent investors with $5,000,000. Not incompetence as in they are dumb, or do not know investments, but they do not have the discipline or knowledge of investing in public markets or studying the markets all day, reading and retaining information, and finding innovative new companies. A lot of people are stuck in old ways, and as we know, markets are dynamic.

Below, you will see a graph depicting my monthly returns since 2014. As well as my drawdowns. My single largest drawdown in a month, was -18.58%.

Above are my YTD monthly returns, this year has been an absolute gift. It is strange because, so much wealth was destroyed, but so much wealth was created as well. Luckily, I utilized my skills and took advantage of the opportunity given. You would think looking at these returns these were year by year, nope. I do not think I will ever have a year like 2020 ever again, if I am being completely honest.

Listed below is the growth of my personal Roth IRA I like to call the Growth Fund (ending November 2020). I will post monthly updates, through ups and downs, because this chart is DUE for a pullback at some point, right?!

I was having fun with the design and graphics, my favorite color is blue and my other favorite color is obviously green, for many reasons. As I make my $6,000 contribution for the 2021 year, I will most likely sit on that capital as cash and 'wait' for a pullback. I am so content with my positions right now, I feel no need to add or shave. Not content as is the overall market and forming a feeling of complacency, but content as in I sleep well at night knowing the businesses I own are doing well, and will hopefully continue to do well with current management at the helm. When the time comes, we will have to make a decision on which equities to add. we research a new equity for the Growth Fund? Do we branch out to 6 names? I have one on the radar I may add on a pullback..

What is amazing is the shift in standard deviation of my portfolio over the years as well..

This may be my last post as we head into the New Year. I want people to enjoy the end of the year, hang out with friends & family, enjoy the time. Below is a link to a Wired article on one of the co founders of Cloudflare. Please read if you are a shareholder. I will be building a new Anaplan post as well as we head into the New Year.

Fiducia has some big plans heading into 2021, and I am excited to eventually share it all with you.

Posts about my portfolio that are not directly stock related, will be found in the "Portfolio Updates & Returns" tab. The next update will actually be within the next 3 weeks as December returns roll in through the first week of January.

Happy Investing,


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