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Wall Street analysts, are in fact, useless. Narrow-minded excel modeling number crunchers with no vision. I said it. I have not been impressed with any analyst on Wall Street the past 3-4 years. No one shows conviction, and this https://seekingalpha.com/news/3643147-j-p-morgan-downgrades-high-multiple-software-names-expecting-rotation-vaccine-recovery just proves my point further.

Someone missed out on the rally, so they had to downgrade the stocks while they were crushing highs. Yeah, NET was overbought on a few technical indicators. This makes sense, because what they will do is then load up on the stock. JP Morgan knows this, and I would place my bets on they know exactly what they were doing. Here is an example on Cloudflare:

Sure, valuation is high, but at the same time, they are so short-term oriented it hurts. These analysts flip flop more than a fish after you catch it and toss it on your boat. I have seen it so many times over the last few years.

Hedge Funds have accumulated (and finally caught on) to Cloudflare over the past 2 quarters, heavily increasing their allocation. We have been in since sub $40s, and I plan on holding for a very, very long time.

We now have 63 reading subscribers, building out the community one step at a time. For the new subscribers. I suggest reading majority of the posts, I try to make them 3-5 minute reads, and not too in depth financially. I want to make sure everyone understands where I am coming from, and understand my strategy. If Cloudflare gets down to the $55-60 range, you know I will find a way to add as soon as I contribute to 2021 contributions.

My names are NOT work from home stocks, these stocks were on fire BEFORE COVID happened. Lets make that clear, these names are COVID beneficiaries, and will benefit after COVID as well. That is how my 5 stock name portfolio is positioned for the next 8-10 years.

Lemonade had a Goldman Sachs conference today, I will be trying to hunt down the webcast and listen, and write a post on it and my thoughts. Below are the equities I own heading into 2021 and the prices. I have averaged up on most of them.

  1. Cloudflare: $39.79 @ 68.61%

  2. BlackLine: $94.99 @ 10.31%

  3. Lemonade: $59.63 @ 9.6%

  4. Zebra Tech: $308.39 @ 7.2%

  5. Anaplan: $68.15 @ 3.59%

  6. CASH: .68%

Portfolio Returns for the new people, since April 2014.

I am on the cusp of creating a discussion forum here for people to post questions, respond to each other, and build this website & platform out for long-term investment ideas. Please keep a lookout for the new discussion forum tab, which should come out before Friday.

The thing about volatility (like what we saw somewhat today) is what differentiates investors, from traders. I am not selling, I can gut volatility. Gutting volatility makes you a stronger investor in my opinion.

As an investor in these companies, I subscribe to the website, all their blogposts. I get emails on any new filings, and keep up to date with any new relevant information that can make me feel like I have an edge.

After this post, I probably wont have one for a week. I am not here to bomb your inbox, I am here to give 1-2 posts a week on the markets, updates on the names, and fun. I hope everyone takes 1 new thing away from each post.

These posts are intended for research only, and not advice.

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