Zebra Fourth Quarter Results

Stunning quarter from a stunning business. I want to first start off to remind everyone that reads Fiducia, we simply provide research on businesses we like long-term, with a side of trading with our personal strategy, may start to do a brief overview of 1 company per month as well for ideas. We will be charging $15 per month in March, which we feel is a fair price for what has been given. We hope for a smooth transition from free to paid, our businesses are doing very well and I am excited to continue to talk with all of you. Subscribers will have to become members as well for access to the Business Forum and trades. I do plan on utilizing the discussion forum more often with updates and keep these blog posts to a minimum of the quarterly reports, or unless something extremely important came out on the company, or the market drops and we have to calm people down and discuss where we think the market is headed. I recommend everyone download the Wix app and log in. I will no longer be responding to texts or personal messages outside Fiducia when it comes to my thoughts or the businesses I own.

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